Dumas Beach of Gujarat

Gujarat is home to majestic palaces and temples, as well as stunning beaches, wild animals, and natural landscape. Dumas Beach in South Gujarat is well-known for its black sand and peacefulness. It is roughly 20 kilometers from Porbandar in the town of Dumas, and another well-known neighboring place is Surat.

The area’s most recognizable features are black sand on the beach and perceived paranormal activity.

According to legend, the beach was once a Hindu burial ground, hence the black sand, and the ghosts of those who were buried there still roam the sand today. The beach is about 1.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide. Several tourists and locals have reported hearing strange noises and laughter on the beach, and many visitors have mysteriously vanished.

However, there is no evidence that the location is haunted or has paranormal activity. Though there are stories about people who have gone missing, there is no evidence or information about the person who has gone missing. Locals and shopkeepers also deny that the area is plagued by supernatural activity.

Visiting the beach

As a tourist site, there is parking, toilets, and food kiosks along the beach. A few shops sell souvenirs and other items to tourists.

If you’re looking for a thrill and a chill, Dumas Beach, one of India’s most so-called haunted locations, is a must-see.

Getting There: From Surat, it is a 20-minute drive.

The location of Dumas Beach is such that the distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is approximately, if not precisely, the same. As a result, international tourists to Dumas Beach should fly to Mumbai and then drive to Dumas Beach through Surat. It will take approximately five hours to get there. If you fly into Ahmedabad, it will take about the same time to get to the beach town. Other nearby airports include Vadodara Airport and Bhavnagar Airport.

Dumas Beach has a long stretch of sand and offers facilities like food stalls, shacks, and restaurants. A lighthouse, erected by British engineers in 1864, is also located on the shore.

What else is there at Dumas Beach?

Aside from the beach, Dumas is home to the Dariya Ganesh Temple, which is located directly next to the main beach. Along the promenade, there are several Indian restaurants.

Food to try at Dumas Beach Gujarat

Bhajiya, Lashkari Tomato Bhajiya, Pav Bhaji, and charcoal-roasted sweet corn are just a few of the delectable dishes on offer.

There are restaurants that serve Punjabi and Indian cuisine, as well as vegetarian options.

Best time to be at Dumas Beach

The best times to go are in the early mornings and late evenings of tidal days. Evenings with no moon or a full moon have an amazing atmosphere.

Nearby places of interest in the Khambhat Coast area

Ghogha Beach, Suvali Beach, Surat, and Tithal Beach are all nearby. It is possible to visit the Swaminarayan Mandir, Khodiyar Mata Mandir, Shri Siddhai Ma Temple, and Mahakali Temple as well as Salva Lake on the Khambhat coast.