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Please take the time to go through this entire page since it clearly describes the requirements, the submission procedure, and the types of content we accept.

What we are Looking for

Successful guest post contributions should be comprehensive, data-driven, entertaining, and instructional. To improve your chances of being published on our blog, make sure your contribution,

  • is a relevant, well-researched piece (ideally 1000 words or more) with practical suggestions;
  • is absolutely one-of-a-kind and unreleased. We will not repost anything that has previously been published elsewhere;
  • only contains statements that are supported by links to reliable studies or academic papers. Avoid mentioning our competitors and adding any unrelated promotional links to websites;
  • include examples and related imagery to support your argument. Avoid utilizing stock photographs that contribute nothing to the content. Use TravelsAndHolidays to create visual representations of data, information, processes, concepts, and frameworks;
  • uses subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs making the article easier to read.

Topics we Cover

Your writing must be truthful and objective, and it must be related to:

  • Personal travel experience
  • First-hand reviews of travel products or services
  • Flight experience and overview
  • Experience with buses, trains, ferries, and renting a car
  • Experience with an airport, a bus station, a subway/metro/MRT/LRT station, and a train station
  • Experience with visiting tourist attractions, recreational areas, beaches, resorts, etc.
  • Review of hotels, hostels, and other places to stay, as well as firsthand experiences
  • Experiences with carnivals, festivals, tourism-related events, and the like
  • Experience with business travel trips
  • Issues, problems, and inconvenient situations encountered during business and leisure travel
  • Information on visas, travel insurance, travel documentation, etc.
  • Food, restaurants, eateries, and street food and fine dining experiences
  • Any other matter concerning business and leisure travel

Check out some of our prior blog posts to discover more about the kind of themes, content layouts, language, and tonality we prefer.

The Benefits

Exposure to our target audience: The blog receives a large number of visitors each month, which is gradually expanding. All high-quality pieces are also published in our mailing list, getting your post in front of a larger audience who will read and reshare it.

We are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Your content may be shared on our social media platforms, increasing their visibility.

We will not pay or compensate you if you submit an article to us. If you are a professional writer and feel you can provide us with high-quality content, please contact us and give us samples of your previous work.

Article Submission Guidelines

To be published, your submission must fulfill the quality criteria of the TravelsAndHolidays.Com editorial staff. Editors have the right to reject submissions and make minor changes to your content at their discretion.
Your content must be at least 1000 words long and provide value to our audience.

A maximum of two self-serving links are allowed. One is a nofollow link to your website, and the other is a link to any social media outlet in the author’s bio. You are allowed to add value to the article by linking to additional high-quality resources. However, please don’t link too much. In general, limit the number of links under four.

Our blog’s outgoing links must be relevant. Links to dating sites, SEO companies, credit-related websites, and other similar sites, for example, are not permitted.

You may not post it anywhere else, including your own site, once it has been published on our blog.

Images (original work preferred) and videos (original work preferred) are welcomed since they make the article more appealing to the reader.

Images should be no larger than 600 × 400 pixels. Please attach them as a separate file.

When using photos, be careful not to infringe on other people’s copyright. When credit is due, it should be given.

Please complete the form below to submit an article proposal.

Note: Every month, we get a considerable number of entries. As a result, please refrain from sending emails inquiring about the status of your piece. You will be notified whether your article has been chosen.

Although this page is lengthy and the standards are stringent, we believe they are important to minimize spam submissions. We are looking forward to reading some excellent posts. If we believe your submission is a good fit, we’ll contact you and discuss the next stages and anything else we’ll need to publish your article.

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