You will find on this page all the facts you need about Malaysia and its most interesting locations.

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cheap flights

A cheap flight is one of the main concerns if you are in London and want to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for holiday, business or private reasons, there are some vital information you need to be conscious of. Search here or visit our next linked page for more details.


The most popular tourist place in Malacca - The Red Square
The most popular tourist place in Malacca – The Red Square

As people say, Malaysia was ‘born’ in Malacca. You could also say that it all started right here. The history of Malaysia has begun. Essentially, the history of Malacca is the history of Malaysia. Malacca is also a place of residence for many of Malaysia’s famous cultures. Malacca is truly a melting pot of many of Malaysia’s ethnicities. We could call Malacca Mini Malaysia. So consider going to Malacca as the first destination on your Malaysian itinerary right away.


Penang old street view
A street with old shops in Penang

Penang is an island with a rich Chinese heritage and offers a wide range of protected areas, ruins, galleries, protected forests and beautiful coastlines that make a trip here more than beneficial. If you call Malacca ‘ Mini Malaysia,’ you can comfortably label Penang ‘ Malaysia in Miniature.’ A must-visit for you on a vacation in Malaysia!


Langkawi Eagle

In this tax-free tropical paradise in Malaysia, you’ll enjoy zipline tours, island hopping, guided sky trail hiking, rainforest hiking, global geopark, mangrove river kayaking and cruising, Skytrax escapades, snorkeling and diving, jet-skiing, helicopter tours and much more. You have to go to if you’re a nature lover.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea plantations, bee and strawberry farms. These farms and plantations stretch sluggishly across valleys, hills and the winding ridges of the Cameron Highlands. The cooler temperatures in a lush green setting make Cameron Highlands a perfect place for a nice long holiday. Here you can stroll for a long time in the cold atmosphere, which is certainly the best place to escape the tropical heat.

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