Phuket, Thailand, is a great place to go parasailing and have a good time

The beaches in Phuket are some of the most beautiful in Thailand. Patong Beach on the other hand is one of the best beaches, in Phuket. It provides parasailing as a thrilling watersports activity for adventure junkies. Parasailing is also known as parascending, paraskiing, or parakiting. In this activity, a person is pulled behind a vehicle while hooked to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute (or “saut d’avion”). The name of this wing is parasail wing.
Moving kite anchors, such as vehicles, trucks, and boats, are used by these recreational activity service providers in many locations worldwide. The harness secures the person to the parasail, while the tow rope attaches the parasail to the boat or ground vehicle.
The motorboat or automobile lifts off, raising the adventure seekers along with the parascender (or wing) into the air. If a boat has adequate power, two or three people may concurrently parasail behind it. The parasail wing is primarily out of the parascender’s control. The activity is just a pleasure ride and should not be confused with the paragliding sport.

The historical context of parasailing

During the First World War, the Germans used Otto Heinecke’s parachute for observation for the first time in 1918. Using a submarine, they set up this as an observation platform. Since 1955, significant attempts have been made to improve it. The ascending-gliding parachute was developed in 1962 by French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne. A “ParaCommander” parachute was modified to implement Lemoigne’s suggestion.
There are parasailing services all over the world. Land-based parasailing has also become a competitive sport in Europe. In land-based competitive parasailing, the parasail is towed to its peak by a four-wheel-drive vehicle. As the parasailer descends to a target location in a race for accuracy, the driver lets go of the tow rope. In contrast to parasailing on the beach, the goal of this sport is to drop at a designated target spot.
Around the year 1974, Mark McCulloh invented sophisticated machinery, creating cutting-edge items for the commercial sector and establishing international standards for the parasailing industry.
This sport quickly grew in popularity. Around the middle of the 1980s, the first international competitions began; they are still happening often today. The inaugural French Land Parachuting Championship competition took place in 1991. More individuals start participating in this sport as time goes on as a result of its increasing popularity.

Parasailing is not the same as spinnaker

Spinnaker is distinct from parasailing and should not be confused with it. The activity of spinning is enjoyable as well. While spinnaker enables a person to swing at the front of the tow vehicle, or boat, parasailing also involves ascending.

Parachuting and parasailing are two distinct activities

Parasails and parachutes both have the ability to glide and rise. The primary difference between the two is that the parasailer lacks steering control. In ascension mode, Parasail is more reliable and efficient. Unlike a parasail, a parachute may have the ability to influence or change its flight direction. Both contribute to slowing a person’s fall in the descent mode at any given height.
Try some parasailing in Phuket if you enjoy engaging in exciting recreational activities.

When is the ideal time to go parasailing in Phuket?

Waves may be particularly turbulent from May to October, boats may find it difficult to maneuver the parasail wings, and rain may be an issue. Even tourists have lost their lives while swimming at the beach under these choppy ocean conditions. In the months of November through March, the seas are calm and there is less rain. At this time, the harsh winters also appeal to those in Europe and the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the best time to visit Phuket’s pristine beaches and go parasailing is during periods of perfect weather and calm seas.

Speedboat excursion to Coral Island and Raya (Racha Island)

Some tour companies provide full-day island hopping trips to Raya and Coral Island with parasailing activities included. Swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing are all available. Some tour operators allow you to cancel your tour reservation 24 hours in advance or if the weather becomes unsuitable. However, you must inquire thoroughly about their cancellation policies and prepare your holiday plans accordingly.
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Safety advice

Parasailing is generally a safe pastime. However, it has sometimes led to deaths. Please follow all safety precautions before starting your parasailing trip.  [Parasail Safety Council Website]
Remember that parasailing necessitates the use of a life jacket. This is typical practice for safety reasons. This will keep you safe if you get into trouble in the sea. So, before you participate in the activity, make sure your jacket is in excellent working order.
To securely ascend and descend in a parasail, you’ll need a team of experienced professionals who know how to operate the equipment. Choosing a parasailing firm, therefore, should involve far more thought than just looking for the best deal. It’s time to conduct some research. Find out which firms have been in business the longest.
Although your parasail guide will be familiar with the weather, you could also wish to check your dependable weather app on your smartphone.
Ascertain if the equipment is of excellent quality. A credible company should have brand-new, cutting-edge equipment.
You’ll have all the information you need before departure, so communication will be easier even while you’re flying at a high altitude. Your guide should demonstrate how to use hand signals to communicate with the boat when you are in open waters.

Dos and don’ts and limits

  • You don’t need any prior expertise to go parasailing. In cases when the operators are reputable, the captain and mate do every task for you. Simply be ready to have fun and follow directions when you arrive.
  • There are others who think parasailing is a terrifying experience. The truth is that the opposite is true. Parasailing is a tranquil and serene sport. There’s no reason to panic; the takeoffs and landings are smooth and soft, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Certain parasailing companies have limitations on age and weight. Make sure to first inquire with them about it. If you’re under 18, your parents may need to go with you. People who are overweight or obese should ensure that they can parasail as well. Different operators have established their own specific weight and age limits. Pregnant women should not go parasailing. You may avoid parasailing if you have back neck or spinal issues.
  • If you like, you may fly on a warm day while wearing your swimming suit. You may also choose to dress casually if you’d like.
  • To go parasailing, you don’t need to know how to swim. Since the boat’s stern is used for all takeoffs and landings, you won’t even get wet. If the boat breaks down, the parasailers wear life jackets and softly descend to the sea or shoreline.
  • If you are carrying expensive items, water contact might be harmful. Thus, it would be wiser to leave them behind. This would include pricey sunglasses, your camera, and your smartphone.

Helpful advice and extra information

  • Even though it isn’t the focus of this article, Paragliding Phuket is another option to consider if you don’t want to go parasailing. You can look for various paragliding Phuket options on the linked pages.
  • Choose a day trip that includes island hopping and parasailing if you want to have a great time. There are many amazing places close by where you can do the best things on your island hopping trip. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take pictures at these amazing places. You can point the camera anywhere and get a great picture. But if you want to take pictures of yourself while parasailing, you might need to hire one of the professional photographers who work there.
  • Coral Island may be the best island near Phuket for thrilling watersports and top activities like snorkeling, sea walking, parasailing, kayaking, water sliding, swimming, banana boat rides, and more.
  • You have the choice of an enjoyable trip on a big boat during island hopping or a thrilling journey through the waves on a speed boat.

Phuket is a great place to visit because it has so many popular activities, island hopping, and fun things to do. Follow our handy tips and check out the other things to do on the pages linked on this page to plan the perfect trip.