Malacca Tour Itinerary

On this page we woild talk about Malacca tour itinerary including Malacca free and easy package, one day tour package, 2D1N, 3D2N packages as well as how to get cheaper and valuable online tickets for various activities in Malacca. Bookmark this page as we constantly research and update best options for you – cheaper, more convenient, and more enjoyable options.

Malacca Tour Itinerary for 1D1N

If you are short of time and you can go for a one day Malacca tour. However, that would be too rushing and better option is to go to Malacca in the afternoon, stay at A’Famosa resort and have some activities there. A’Famosa resort is located in the Alor Gaja district of Malacca and is at half an hour drive to the historical center of Malacca.

We suggest staying overnight at A’Famosa Resort. At A’Famosa visit Safari Wonderland and Water Theme Park in the daytime and the Cowboy town in the evening. Have dinner there. On the next day go to A’Famosa Water Park until checkout time.

After checkout, you can go to the historical center of Malacca. Have a Malacca historical area guided tour there (buy the ticket below). If you have a luggage, you may go to Malacca Sentral first. Keep your luggage (latest until 2145) at the luggage stall (a shop which provides such a facility). Then go for the guided tour of the historical area. Take a Grab or a bus to the Dutch Square (Red Square) or from where your tour starts. After the historical area tour, you can go back to the Melaka Sentral. You can then return by bus to your next destination. If you want to catch a flight, you can take a taxi or Grab to go to Melaka International Airport. It’s only at about 15 minutes driving distance from Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Book a room in A’Famosa Resort Malacca

Malacca A’ famosa entrance fee

There is no A’ Famosa entrance fee as such. However, for every activity, as mentioned below, you have to buy a ticket. You may go to one of these places or all , its up to you. Each activity or place is ticketed separately. You can buy all tickets but to arrange your time to go through all places or those you are interested in. 

A’Famosa Safari Wonderland Ticket in Malacca

A’Famosa Safari wonderland is, as the name suggests, a fantastic tour! If you are traveling with children or are interested in observing wild and tamed animals at the same place, do consider including it in your Malacca tour itinerary. If you are on a one-day tour package, you won’t have time for this. This is for those who are Malacca free and easy package or 1D1N or longer tour package. You can also consider this if you are staying at A’Famosa.

On this safari, you’d find ferocious tigers, docile rabbits, kingly horses, which you can ride, elegant flamingos, inquisitive raccoons, dino ancestors, splendid ostriches, and inquisitive emus.

 You’d be riding on a secure caged truck which allows towering giraffes to peep into and ferocious tigers to glare at you – all in their own habitat. You’d also cruise in a river on a raft and go to the ‘Monkey Island’ where you can interact with brown lemurs, monkey squirrels, capuchin monkeys, white headed gibbons and  the like.

Buy A’Famosa Safari Wonderland Ticket online in advance. Ticket price at the counter is much higher!

A’Famosa Water Theme Park

This is Malaysia’s largest water theme park! Yes, it’s in Malacca. Children and adults equally liked it. You, your family and friends, all would like the thrilling escapade at this full of a fun water theme park. You’d find floats, spine-tingling slides, and exciting rides and attractions for you, where you can jump into the game pools, be pleased with water slides or indulge in the like activities. The awesome attractions and tantalizing treats are waiting for you. Everyone at this awe-inspiring water theme park will find something for them.

Children may love to be at Arabian style water playground – The Arabian Village. Your kids may also love to be at the Adventure Pool or riding a raft on a classic water slide. You’d also find sandy beaches, a lazy river, and one of the tallest, longest and widest ‘ice cream’ in Southeast Asia. You can experience ‘Wa Ha Ha’ tsunami-like effect and an adrenaline producing ‘Hula Hula’ too. The ‘Inner Tube’ and high-speed rides over seven-story slides with heart-stopping and breathtaking high-velocity joyrides are waiting for you. This is not the end, there is a lot more for you to experience. If time allows, do include in your Malacca Tour Itinerary, this astounding water theme park to experience the fun and thrill which it offers.

Buy A'Famosa Water Theme Park Malacca ticket online - cheaper
Buying A’Famosa Water Theme Park ticket online and in advance is easier and cheaper 

Malacca One Day Tour Package

Historical Malacca Tour with Lunch

If you are really really short of time, you can opt for Malacca One Day Tour Package. In this tour package, you are picked up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur (City Center KLCC or Bukit Bintang) and brought to the historic part of Malacca. You’d be able to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Malacca, have lunch and see the Jonker Walk, Malacca River, Stadthuys, Christ Church,  etc in the heart of Malacca. If you are staying somewhere else, you can ask for pick up arrangement with a separate fee or arrange your own transfer to KLCC, Bukit Bintang, or to the place in Malacca where the guided tour starts. 

Melaka One Day Tour Package ticket for Malacca tour itinerary
Buy Melaka One Day Tour Package ticket online

Malacca Tour Itinerary- Summing up

Malacca One Day Tour Package

This Malacca One Day Tour Package (as mentioned above) is the best option if you don’t have much time and want to visit Malacca for one day only. This tour package include your travel costs from Kuala Lumpur. Additionally you get a tour guide to show you the historic part of the Malacca.

 1D1N Malacca Tour Itinerary

You can come to A’Famosa Resort, and enjoy the activities there, as mentioned above. Next day you can visit the historic part of Malacca. You have to arrange your own transport, We will provide you some useful links to arrange your transport from the place you’d be staying to A’Famosa Resort, Malacca; from A’Famosa to Malacca City Center and to your next destination.

Malacca Free and Easy Package

Malacca Free and Easy Package is the Mallac tour itinerary which is really up to you to decide. You may find 3D2N itinerary as enough for Malacca tour. The places you’d be visiting and activities you’d be getting involved are more or less the same. However, you can give one full day to Water Theme Park ar A’Famosa. Similarly, you can give one full day to Malacca historical are tour. Beside this you may consider visiting Jonker Walk Night Market on weekends.  

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