Cameron Highlands Itinerary

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is a good country arranged at around 150 kilometers North of Kuala Lumpur, and approximately 20 km east of the city Ipoh. In light of its high area (1500 meters above sea level), you’d find it cooler (around 25 °C, yet now and again beneath 20 °C) than whatever remains of Malaysia. In this article, you’d be knowing about the Cameron Highlands itinerary and travel planning and can also select excursions and tour packages.

The good countries are named after William Cameron, a British endeavor pioneer. He found the area amid an endeavor in 1885. From that minute ahead the Cameron Highlands got progressively fascinating for the British. As a result of the ideal serene atmosphere with pleasant hills and mountains, it was extremely appropriate for developing tea, and the Cameron Highlands before long became out to be the most fabulous tea district of Malaysia and one of the best holiday destinations.

Why should you include Cameron Highlands in your travel itinerary?

English pioneers settled at the Cameron Highlands mostly because of the atmosphere. You’d be able to feel that atmosphere of Cameron Highlands has some similarities with the  English atmosphere. Given this inn around Cameron Highlands regularly have pioneer attributes. They before long found the zone was incredible for developing tea, which is the reason tea estates command the landscape. It is here you’d find the Boh tea Cameron Highland plantations. 

In addition to tea plantations, bee and strawberry farms stretch sluggishly across valley floors and winding hills of the Cameron Highlands. So the cooler temperatures in a lush green environment, make Cameron Highlands a perfect location for a nice long holiday. The good countries are very well known among travelers that need to see amazingly, one more side of Malaysia. Here you can stroll for quite a long time in the cold atmosphere which is for sure the best place to escape from the tropical heat.

When to go to the Cameron Highlands

During the high season, school holidays, etc., it is flooded with traffic mostly from vehicles as well as visitors. So it is advisable to check the local holiday calendar before choosing to visit Cameron Highlands. However it does not mean that you must avoid going there during these time. You may go but if you want to relax and enjoy peaceful serene times on long holidays, then its probably better to go there during off-peak times.

In terms of weather, you can visit the Cameron Highlands at any time of year. It is just a matter of your personal preferences for rains. Somewhat from November to probably mid-January the precipitation is somewhat heavier. And lighter from May through July. Try to keep the umbrella with you at all times, because you never know exactly when it will rain.

In the morning it is usually sunny. The clouds begin to gather in the afternoon and rainfall usually happens in the evening through the night.

How do you get to Cameron Highlands?

The Cameron Highlands are effectively available through the province of Perak (however it exists in the territory of Pahang). Be that as it may, you’re restricted to transports and (rented) autos. It is around a 4,5-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and a 3,5-hour drive from the island of Penang.

Highways followed by small wavy roads

While doing Cameron Hughland travel planning, do keep in mind that there are to segments of road. The initial segment is over sturdy roadways; the second part is tough on wavy (and less reliable) roads; this goes for the trek from Penang and the outing from Kuala Lumpur. On the off chance that you travel via auto the best course to take after is by making the Simpang Pulai leave (Exit 137) and afterward take after the new road to Cameron Highlands. Originating from KL it may require more investment to get to Cameron Highlands; the road anyway is less wavy and for the most part more secure in opposition to the elective course through Tapah.

Getting around in Cameron Highlands territory 

From Kuala Lumpur transports ride to the Cameron Highlands. You will land at the Tanah Rata transport terminal. From that point, it is a little stroll to a significant number of the available guesthouses. There is additionally a taxi counter at the transport station; which makes it simple to snatch a navigate to your inn or hotel if necessary. It is furthermore a great deal of amusing to drive there yourself by rental auto. I wouldn’t accept a taxi from KL as the cost is too high.

The Cameron Highlands is additionally straightforward to reach from the island of Penang. You can rent a car in Penang and drive it to the right countries. Transports ride from Penang to the proper states too. You can book inns or guesthouses in Cameron Highlands heretofore; this should anyway additionally be possible as a bundle in Kuala Lumpur or on Penang. Gutsy explorers presumably need to go there with no reservations in advance directly; this isn’t an issue as there is generally a bed (residence) or room accessible at one of the numerous guesthouses.

Ground transportation is the only way to get to the Cameron Highlands at the moment. There are no air, sea or any river routes to get there, being hill station area.

Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur

Transport from Cameron Highlands to KL is one of the exceptionally looked for after traveler courses associating two renowned vacation spots in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Cameron Highlands. This is immediate express transport benefit from Cameron Highlands to KL. Current mentors are sent for this course by the leading three transport administrators. Mentors are with the full leaning back seat and cooling condition. Over that, adequate leg space and thick seat pad give agreeable adventure to travelers amid the 4 hours travel.

Bus times, fares and stops

Unititi Express, GT Express, CS Travel are the primary three administrators serving transport from Cameron Highlands to KL. The timetable is generally from morning 8 am until night 5.30pm, with 1 to 2 hours interim between the calendars. Their transport toll is RM 35.00 for every ticket.

The excursion for transport from Cameron Highlands to KL is around 4 hours relying upon activity condition. Washroom break will be given upon demand to driver amid the adventure.

Tanah Rata transport terminal

Tanah Rata transport terminal is their flight point in Cameron Highlands. Nevertheless Unititi Express and CS Travel provide an additional pick – up point from the respective tourist information centers in Tanah Rata. You can find these tourist information centers at the beginning of Tanah Rata Main Street.

Their landing point in Kuala Lumpur is at Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal. CS Travel offers extra drop off point at KL Sentral before ending at Pudu Sentral. Since KL Sentral is an incorporated transportation center point in Kuala Lumpur, you can exchange to the monorail, LRT, and KTM trains to the next goal.

Excursion down the hill is a standout

The one hour downhill excursion by transport from Cameron Highlands to KL is a standout amongst the most charming picturesque streets. Common darling ought not to miss this view amid the trip from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur. is the sole ticketing entry which gives Cameron to KL transport ticket web-based booking administration with moment affirmation Cameron to KL transport ticket, and seat choice component for Cameron Highlands related courses like KL to Cameron Highlands, Cameron Highlands to KL, Cameron Highlands to Penang and Penang to Cameron Highlands.

Accomodation, Hotels and Resorts in Cameron Highlands

There is a bounty of decisions were to remain around evening time at Cameron Highlands. There are various inns and cheap guesthouses for long stay holidays. You can book in advance, or stroll in an inn; realize that stroll in rates, as a rule, are somewhat higher contrasted with reservations forthright. So it’s better to book your accommodation online in advance. You’d notice that numerous guesthouses have residences where you pay around RM15 every night. Some budget hotels to consider are Gerard’s Place, Father’s Guesthouse and 8Mentigi Guesthouse.

You would already be able to spend the night in an inn in Cameron Highlands for a couple of euro’s/dollars per room every night. Frequently individuals inquire as to whether one night Cameron Highlands is adequate. It is sufficient to do in the encompassing region to remain there for 2 or 3 evenings. If you rent a car, be that as it may, you can see many fun attractions while spending just one night.

Article continues below the hotel list…

Find Great Hotels in the Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands itinerary should preferably be a non – discretionary part of the excursion

In many cases, the travel agencies incorporate a visit to the Cameron Highlands in a visit to Malaysia. Other voyaging organizations offer Cameron Highlands as a discretionary piece of the outing. You can easily combine a visit to the Cameron Highlands with your visit to Langkawi, Penang or Pangkor.. With a rented car, you can likewise cross the nation from the Cameron Highlands; you’ll touch base at Kota Bharu (for, i.e., the vessel to Perhentian or Redang).

What to See on Cameron Highlands Itinerary?

The area is portrayed by large tea ranches. Individuals generally come to Cameron Highlands to get away from the warmth and to do some lovely strolls for best holiday ideas. Other than the tea ranches there are likewise the accompanying attractions: Mossy Forest, Rafflesia visit, strawberry cultivate, rose gardens, a Chinese sanctuary, a prickly plant valley, bee farm, and vegetable patio nurseries.

If you don’t mind keep away from places where creepy crawlies or creatures are kept; as they are frequently could be better (for instance the butterflies at the Butterfly Farm are held in poor conditions). At the ends of the week, you can visit the night showcase in the nighttimes. Here local people purchase their fixings, new meat, angle and furthermore vegetables and organic product. As a traveler, you may appreciate one of the prominent neighborhood snacks.

In the encompassing zone of the Cameron Highlands, there is likewise an expansive number of Orang Asli towns, which you can visit. Here you can see the first tenants of Malaysia in their legitimate network. The most straightforward approach to visit the attractions is by the sorted out visit. You may discover this extremely modest contrasted with comparative visits at different zones in Malaysia. The areas that you visit you may drive yourself if you have your own (rented ) auto. However, they are quite steep at specific focuses. A few sections of the visit you are in an ideal situation in a big 4×4.

Some Cameron Highlands Attractions

Kea Farm

Kea Farm is more like a Miniature Cameron Highlands – fruit, flowers, honey goods, vegetables, tea, dry products, memorabilia – all in the same place. You will find lots of good fruit products, alluring strawberries – all fresh from the farm! And really cheap! Well if You like cacti, then you’ll find these too here. Kea Strawberry Farm, Kea Farm Market, Kea Farm Pasar Pagi (morning market), Kea Garden Guest House, Kea Valley Hotel Apartment, as well as Copthorne Hotel, are all located in the vicinity. Other nearby attractions include Rose Center, Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm, and Butterfly Garden insect gallery and zoological enclosure are also nearby. Kea Farm Market Location PlusCode: 6PP3GC34+CW

Rose Center Garden 

Rose Center Garden Cameron Highlands located in Kea Farm has 100 plus varieties of rose flower plants in every conceivable shade and tone. Location PlusCode: 6PP3GC36+5W

Pasar Malam Golden Hill – Golden Hill Night Market

Vendors sell many cheap local items in this market which is held on weekends, and public holidays. Many items are sold here and include items like Apam Balik Malay pancake, Japanese tempura with vegetables, lots of deep fried stuff, souvenir stalls, strawberry fresh as well as its products like, jams, etc, Some stalls maybe selling potted plants, highland vegetables, etc. Current Location PlusCode: 6PP3F9QF+26 (and nearby)

Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh is a big Buddhist temple complex with a colorful gate and wall. It has many relics and several big gilded statues. Local Chinese and Singaporeans are mostly the visitors of Sam Poh Temple, both for religious purpose as well as architectural viewing.  Location PlusCode: 6PP3F9QR+C7

Agrotechnology Farm MARDI

Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute owned farm over 103 acres. The farm is open to visitors. Here you can explore various flowers, crop, plant, farmlands and also a small tea plantation with a factory. Location PlusCode: 6PP3F99M+5V

Flower Nurseries

Cameron Highlands is a leading flower producer in Malaysia. You can have a beautiful sight of exceptional flowers that you wo n’t see blooming elsewhere in the country. The flowers grown here include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, fuschia, and gladiolas. You can buy cheap flowers in flower gardens or at the market.

Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel is a local history museum that presents the colonial history of the Cameron Highlands through antiquated opinion pieces and diverse collectibles. Location PlusCode: 6PP3F9WW+V3

Water Cress Valley

It is a hot pot garden cafe selling a variety of food including watercress dishes. Wording on the signboard and many people call it Water Crest Valley. Location PlusCode: 6PP3GC58+3P

Gunung Brinchang

The Brinchang Mountain is the second highest peak after Gunung Irau in the Cameron Highlands. Relatively easier to walk and you can see there a beautiful panoramic view of the Cameron Highlands when the day is clear. You can witness the evergreen mossy forest environment as you walk on the higher elevations where cool and moist environment promotes moss, fern and lichen growth. You can also witness fauna of chilly cool and moist environment in this area. Gunung Brinchang Jungle Walk Location PlusCode: 6PP3G92Q+4P. The peak is at some distance from the Jungle Walk.

KC Kwang & Sons 

KC Kwang & Sons Sdn Bhd is grapes and tomato farm. Location PlusCode: 6PP3HCW8+JH

Rafflesia Tour

You need a 4WD to go there. Some tour shops locally can arrange this tour. There is half an hour walk through a bamboo forest and  Dipterocarp Forest. Then you can reach the place where you can see Rafflesia plant (flower). It is a parasitic plant which lives on Tetrastigma vine. So people call this plant as “corpse flower” as it emits bad smell from its rotting flesh.

Cameron Highlands One Day Tour Package

Cameron Highlands Day Tour

Breathtaking views, orchards and waterfalls

This tour starts in Kuala Lumpur. If You really want to skip Cameron Highlands from the proposed itinerary, you can do this day tour. This tour package is a fantastic countryside excursion trip to the Cameron Highlands. You may learn about tea making, visit bee and butterfly farms, enjoy the magnificent views of the valley, taste and pick fresh strawberries at the local strawberry farm and cool off at a waterfall. At the fruit and vegetable market, you can indeed enjoy fresh produce and negotiate like a local.

Boh Tea Cameron Highland Plantation

Boh Tea is the largest tea producer in Malaysia. They have three large plantations encompassing 8000 acres. The first garden is in Habu (Ringlet), second is Fairlie Tea Garden and the third is Sungai Palas Tea Garden. The Sungai Palas Garden is situated in Brinchang. This garden complements their main estate in Ringlet.

At Sungai Palas you can go to their own BOH visitor center. They have a visitor gallery and exhibition factory there. You would be able to see the award-winning building which is architecturally and scenically simply spectacular! You can also see the magnificent panorama of the vast tea fields which stretch across the valley and the slopes. The view of green hills with neat rows of tea plants is truly breathtaking. The BOH tea plantation offers a free factory tour to show how the tea leaves are processed. There is also a remarkably nice BOH Tea Shop. You can pamper yourself with a nice cup of tea or cake.

Beside BOH Tea Plantations, you may also be interested in the Bharat Tea farms, which produce ‘Cameron Valley’ tea. You can visit their shop and two Tea House on Ringlet to Tanah Rata Road or Kuala Terlah. Masala Chai and Cardamon tea are nice there. Location PlusCode:  6PP3GC87+Q9

Bee Farm Cameron Highland

Delicious honey is produced here from local beekeeping. However, production is not sufficient to meet the needs of buyers. The honey sold here is therefore not only Cameron Highlands honey, but also the honey sourced from other places in Malaysia. Bee farms which are quite famous here are (1) Highlands Apiary Farm in Ringlet (Location PlusCode: 6PP3C9WR+MM) (2) Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm in Brinchang (Location PlusCode: 6PP3GC55+GF) and (3) Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm in Tringkap (Location PlusCode: 6PP3GC6H+C6). To attract visitors, the bee farm also offers other activities such as learning about bees, strawberry picking, souvenir selling, vegetable selling, etc.

Eatries of Cameron Highlands

Malaysian Chinese cuisine is quite prevalent in the Cameron Highlands. Dishes are prepared with farm fresh vegetables. Chinese eateries commonly offer fish in their menu. Claypot fishhead curry is also quite common. Meet, including venison (deer) meat may be available in some restaurants. You can find Yam basket meat dish as well as herbal soups in Chinese restaurants. In Brinchang town many eateries offer Steamboat these days due to popular demand. At some places, you can find vegetarian steamboat as well.

Malay halal cuisine is mostly found in the hawker centers and ‘gerai’ food stalls. Most of such stalls sell nasi Lemak of different kinds here. Char kuey Teow is common gerai food. You can also find sweat strawberry pancakes at many gerai food stalls.

Spicy Mamak cuisine is also not uncommon. Mamak food is Halal. Unlike other parts of Malaysia where Roti Chanai is served with dhal and curry, here they also serve with vegetables and some chutney.

If you are fond of South Indian banana leaf restaurant, you won’t be disappointed either. You will be able to have such a food here too. You can also find Indian vegetarian food in these restaurants.

There are some Kopitiam cafes as well and for western tourists, some restaurants serve western style food.

Shopping – What to Buy from Cameron Highlands?

In Cameron Highlands, you are naturally looking for flowers, vegetables, plants, tea, and fruit. Souvenirs that reflect the local heritage are also something you may be looking for. There are several souvenir shops where you can buy such items.

In Pasar Malam or at the night markets you can buy vegetables, strawberries, sweet corn, and other flavourful greens. You can also buy such items at day markets, such as Kea Farm Market. If you are based in Malaysia and visiting Cameron Highlands in your own car, you may want to buy plenty of vegetables and fruit to take home with you. You can also search for fresh organic vegetables. If you are not resident, simply eat fruit and vegetables in the local restaurants.

You may also be interested in copper art objects such as magnets, key rings, and wall brackets, all of which are created with a delicate molding and individually hand – painted at some places in the Cameron Highlands. Other types of souvenirs you may be interested in include an impressive collection of handicrafts and utensils from Orang Asli, the indigenous people of Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands Local Info

 Annoyances and Dangers

  • Though uncommon, the chance of landslides is there when rains are heavy in monsoons. Keep this in mind.
  • Must check your car tyres condition and breaks before comencing your journey to Cameron Highlands.
  • Drive carefully. Roads can be slippery when it’s raining. Do not overtake unless you are very sure of the things ahead and road is in your view.
  • Consider a honk or two at acute turns on narrow winding roads to let the oncoming traffic know there is an oncoming car. 
  • Don’t rely on local public transport, should arrange your own transport in advance. Local bus is cheap but schedule is unreliable. Attractions in Cameron Highlands are not at walking distance from one another and you can’t see all places if you are on a day or two-day tour itinerary and without your own or rented car.
  • Avoid going to Cameron Highlands on a day tour on public holidays or during school holidays. You may end up spending most of the time in your bus while in traffic jams.

Tip: Consider going up the highlands from Simpang Pulai side since the drive is more comfortable as the road is wider and the twist and turns not very acute. Coming down the highland from Tapah side is okay – just take care of acute turns and steep inclines.

Safety and Security in Cameron Highlands

  • In terms of security, Cameron Highlands is generally safe. Having said that, you must take all the general precautions which every traveler ought to take.
  • If you are going on hiking, return before the sunset. Taking a local guide with you is preferable as there have been a few incidences of robberies on the hiking trails.

Emergency and Medical

  • Hospital Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom (Cameron Highlands Hospital) is the main hospital of the Cameron Highlands district. Location PlusCode:  6PP3F98R+PG (at the end of Persiaran Dayang Indah in Tanah Rata). It is a non-specialist hospital with both outpatients and inpatients facilities. 
  • Malaysian Emergency Response Service (MERS) phone number (for all kinds of emergencies): 999.


Tanah Rata has most bank branches. Brinchang, Tringkap, and Ringlet has at least one bank branch each. Open on weekdays only.


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