Coral Island or Koh Larn

Coral Island, also known by locals as Koh Larn,  is paradise personified. It has crystal clear water and gorgeous white beaches endlessly extending out. Koh Larn Island is a great one-day trip destination and a refuge for water sports enthusiasts, snorkeling, and scuba diving, about Seven km (4.5 miles) off Pattaya Coast. You can also practice fishing, or if you’re already good at it, you can fish for a fresh catch or eat fresh catch in some of the many beachside resorts.

What to bring

You want to bring swimwear that is for sure, because of the numerous water activities. Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent. In addition to the former items, also bring your own towels, footwear, and money for drinks and food. Other items can be rented on the Island, such as umbrellas and loungers.

Getting to Coral Island Pattaya

The best way to get to the island is by ferry, which leaves the pier at regular intervals and only costs 30 Baht. Alternatively, a speedboat or a tour boat can be rented, but you’ll pay more. Often catamaran boats are leaving the pier too. The ferry is the least expensive of all the ways to get to the island and leaves at the top of every hour.
Below are the reasons why you should be in Pattaya to visit Coral Island as soon as possible.

Ocean swimming

A full-day trip to this stunning island full of coral reefs, sheltered by its turquoise bay, is possible. Tropical waters are crystal clear, as well as at a comfortable temperature which makes them perfect for swimming during the day. Alternatively, you should sail on a glass-bottom boat just to get a glimpse of the cool marine life underwater. Snorkeling is another fun activity that you can do on Coral Island too. Snorkel through transparent ocean water and explore the ocean bed close to the coral reef.

Stretches of white beaches

There are five main beaches on Coral Island, but some are more common and crowded than others. The secret is to go to the least visited beaches, these ones are the real gems. The accommodation is easy to find and very inexpensive. The busiest beaches on the Island are Tawaen Beach and Samae Beach, which are also Koh Larn’s most famous.
Your Coral Island holiday will be trouble-free, there are numerous resorts and international restaurants to accommodate your basic needs if you plan to stay on the island.
If you’ve decided to spend the night on the island, you can visit quieter beaches, and watch the sunset. Tien Beach is one of them, which is one of Koh Larn’s smallest beaches. That is why the beach will become practically empty after 5.30 pm.
Nual Beach is another of the quietest beaches on the island.  It is also often referred to as Monkey Beach because the sand is usually scavenged by a family of macaques. The Nual beach is about a 35-minute walk from town, and it can also offer a fun place to watch the sunset.


Parasailing is an activity involving slithering through the air wearing an open parachute while pulling through a speedboat. It’s not for the fainthearted people, but if you enjoy adrenaline-rush activities then flying up and alongside at a very high speed will not be a match for you. For adventurous individuals, this task is a must-do. Parasailing on Coral Island is usually available until midday, so booking early is advisable.

Walking underwater

Treat yourself to a stunning underwater experience. There are few more fun things than plunging into the clear-blue waters of Coral Island, exploring the seabed by walking, and discovering the beautiful marine life of the Koh Larn. The best thing about underwater sea walking is that you don’t need to be an expert in swimming or have diving skills.

Banana boat ride

This is pure fun. The boat is not made of banana peels though, rather is rubber in the shape of a banana, about 3 meters in length. The boat can hold up to 10 people and is pulled by a jet ski. The ride won’t be smooth at the beginning as you will be thrown off occasionally. But that is what makes it even more fun!


You fish for a fresh catch in the sea here and get it prepared by the beach for you. Whether or not you’re experienced, you’ll find the whole experience enchanting. Beginners can learn new fishing techniques and methods and seasoned people can demonstrate their expertise in fishing rod handling. The best part is that you get served with your fresh catch at lunch, or if you’re unfortunate and have not caught any, you’re always served with a fresh fish caught by someone.

Fresh Meals

Coral Island restaurants offer some of the freshest meals in Thailand. These restaurants can be easily found along the beach or at the pier, and they will ensure you enjoy the Thai food style. Thrillingly new seafood dishes. The restaurants on their menu sell fresh servings of the day, along with lobster and prawns. If you are not interested in traditional restaurants, there is a small food store around the pier where you can order at a little extra cost to take away meals. Although these small restaurants are mostly aimed at locals, if you don’t speak locally, you can simply point to what you want from the menu.

Without a visit to Coral Island, a trip to Pattaya – Bangkok will be incomplete

Coral Island in Pattaya is full of fun activities, there is a variety to choose from if you’re planning a one-day or longer stay. If your idea of fun is not to spend your whole day on the beach, you can rent a scooter and drive around to explore the island. You can also take ferry bikes to the Island and pedal down the hilly Koh Larn which can be a great workout as well. For anyone planning a trip to Pattaya, Coral Island is a must-visit, particularly if you’re a beach lover then you don’t want to miss out. Without a visit to Coral Island, a trip to Thailand will be incomplete.