Naran and Kaghan Valleys photo

Making travel plans for the Naran, Kaghan Valley

A trip to Naran, Pakistan Naran is a small town of about 20,000 residents. It is in the north of Pakistan and encircled by mountains. Naran and Kaghan are two top destinations in Pakistan. Numerous lakes and waterfalls in the valley draw visitors from all over the globe. The Naran and Kaghan Valleys have a […]

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Parasailing in Phuket image

Parasailing‌ and fun things to do in ‌Phuket‌

Phuket, Thailand, is a great place to go parasailing and have a good time The beaches in Phuket are some of the most beautiful in Thailand. Patong Beach on the other hand is one of the best beaches, in Phuket. It provides parasailing as a thrilling watersports activity for adventure junkies. Parasailing is also known […]

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Karachi M9 Motorway

M-9 Motorway Super Highway Karachi Pakistan

If you arrive at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport and want to go to another city in Sindh, Punjab, or KPK, you'll most likely use the M-9 Motorway. We provide some information and depict how the M-9 Motorway looks, how the driving conditions are, and how the scenery of the region through which it travels in [...]
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Picture showing Gujarat Coast India

Dumas Beach of Gujarat India

Dumas Beach of Gujarat Gujarat is home to majestic palaces and temples, as well as stunning beaches, wild animals, and natural landscape. Dumas Beach in South Gujarat is well-known for its black sand and peacefulness. It is roughly 20 kilometers from Porbandar in the town of Dumas, and another well-known neighboring place is Surat. The […]

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Some lesser known facts about the Colosseum in Rome

Vespasian’s Colosseum of Rome

Vespasian’s Roman colosseum Emperor Vespasian built the Colosseum in 72 AD. It is the world’s largest amphitheater and is located in Rome, Italy. The Colosseum served the same function as a modern-day big stadium. It hosted many events, but one of the most popular spectacles in Roman times was the games of the Circus (ludi […]

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Malaysia tourism in times of Coronavirus pandemic

Malaysia had thought of establishing travel bubbles with New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea as these were considered Covid-19 green zones. However, rapid changes in these countries have put a freeze on such thoughts. Opening up with the ASEAN only may be the other option under consideration. The ASEAN region countries are planning […]

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Blog about flights, vacations, sightseeing, tours, buses, trains, rental car tickets, and local cuisine.

Singapore – the best Southeast Asian escapade

The Island of Singapore, conveniently situated off the coast of Malaysia, is a paradise for those wanting a luxurious cultural trip away from the confines of home. It’s time to fly across the world, leading you on a trip away from your western ways, and the Lion City is roaring for you. What makes Singapore […]

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Get eVisa online fast image

Get an e-Visa online fast and convenient

Online eVisa Service An increasing number of countries are offering facilities to apply for tourist or travel e-Visa online. If you are eligible you can apply and receive an e-Visa by email in a short time. We at TravelsAndHolidays.Com have partnered with such a service provider, and you can apply for travel e-Visa or e-Permits [...]
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Empty beaches travels and holidays

Where to go for a visit during coronavirus pandemic times?

Coronavirus has affected tourism and travel. Traveling was banned outright during the worst times of the pandemic and limits on travel were enforced during the first half of 2020. Routine Consular Services at several countries’ embassies and consulates remain in suspension. There is also no resumption of regular consular services for all countries, and only […]

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Photo of Koh Larn or the Coral Island, Thailand

Coral Island Pattaya

Coral Island or Koh Larn Coral Island, also known by locals as Koh Larn,  is paradise personified. It has crystal clear water and gorgeous white beaches endlessly extending out. Koh Larn Island is a great one-day trip destination and a refuge for water sports enthusiasts, snorkeling, and scuba diving, about Seven km (4.5 miles) off Pattaya […]

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