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Travels and Holidays website is basically a price comparison website maintained by Sindh Ventures Sdn Bhd (company number 733414-W) incorporated in Malaysia. Beside price comparison of flights and hotel, it also provides and promotes various travel and tourism products, re-sell excursions, activities,  in the capacity as an affiliate partner of various credible service providers.

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If you have a story or you have written something or has original photographs taken by you and you want to allow us to post on this website, we would be happy to evaluate your offer. Please do write to us through our contact page. If you would like us to view the photo, video clip or a write-up, please save it on your cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, etc and share its link through our contact page. If the item you want to contribute and is accepted for our publication, your name would be mentioned in the credits. We appreciate your help and contributions for this website.